E-Voting Instructions & Scrutiny Reports

KIFS Financial Services Ltd.

>> Scrutinizer Report for 26th AGM
Download Report for 26th AGM

>> Scrutinizer Report for 25th AGM
Download Report for 25th AGM

>> Scrutinizer Report for 24th AGM
Download Report for 24th AGM

>> Scrutinizer Report for 23rd AGM
Download Report for 23rd AGM

>> Scrutinizer Report for 22nd AGM
Download Report for 22nd AGM

>> Scrutinizer Report for 21st AGM
Download Report for 21st AGM

>> Scrutinizer Report for 20th AGM
Download Report for 20th AGM

>> Scrutinizer Report for 20th AGM – postal Ballot
Download Report for 20th AGM – postal Ballot

>> 20th AGM  E-voting instructions
Download AGM notice and instructions

>> Scrutinizer Report  for EGM held on 16-03-2015
Download Report for EGM

>> Notice of EGM and E-voting instructions
Download EGM notice and instructions

>> Instructions
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>> Scrutinizer Report (E-voting & Poll) for 19th AGM
Download Report for 19th AGM

Corporate Identity No : L67990GJ1995PLC025234 RBI Registration No : 01.00007 Company ISIN : INE902D01013
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Scrip Code - 535566 BSE Scrip ID - KIFS Abbreviated name on BOLT - KIFS FSL
KIFS Financial Services Limited
Company Secretary and Compliance & Nodal Officer: Mr. Durgesh Soni
Phone : 079-30000321 to 326 Fax : 079-26403717 E-mail : kifs.roc@gmail.com / cs@kifs.co.in (Grievance Redressal)