More info on LAS

KIFS Financial Services Ltd.

More info on LAS

Product Features:

  • Available to all major Indian citizes.
  • Loans against shares are extended against basket of securities traded on BSE / NSE.
  • List of Securities – BSE 500
  • Margin calls are made if the value of margin falls by 10% which can be met either by redemption of the securities or placing additional securities.
  • Easy processing and simple documentations.
  • Minimum interest rate subject to market conditions.

Our requirements:


Applicant should have POA, Demat and Trading A/cs with KIFS Securities Limited.

  1. Client should complete the Loan application along with necessary documents.
  2. Loan Settlement and Release of Shares:
    1. Loan can be settled by payment to KIFS Financial Services Ltd.
    2. Shares shall be released on clearance of the payment.
    3. In case of closure, client has to clear all the dues.
    4. Shares may be released if matching securities are furnished.
    5. Surplus value of shares may be released in part / full (as per borrower’s request). Alternatively surplus value of shares may be used for additional funding.


Borrower has to open a Bank Account with preferred Bank and has to meet up with minimum balance account requirement of that particular bank. Necessary POA shall also be executed. Once bank account is opened, further process of loan application will be done by the company.

3. MARGIN: Margin at such %age shall be applicable on cost of shares. If the weightage of any single scrip in a margin trading portfolio of a client is equal to or more than 50% then higher margin will be applicable. The margin will be required to be maintained on a continuous basis. In case of fall in the market prices of the scripts in margin trading portfolio, margin calls shall be made. The first margin call shall be made in case the margin %age is reduced by 10% (or more) than the prescribed margin percentage. If margin falls to 50% or more of the prescribed margin percentage, the securities held as margin may be sold at the sole discretion of KFSL. KFSL will have a right and not an obligation to sell. KFSL can its sole discretion further transfer / pledge them. For further understanding about margin, please contact us.

4. INTEREST : The rate of interest would depend upon borrower’s profile, past financial history/transaction with the company / its holding / group company and market conditions. For regular payment discount in interest rate will be given and in same manner for late payment, charges/ penalty would also apply. For further understanding about interest, please contact us.(Generally from 9% to 24% p.a.)

5. LIMIT OF FUNDING : The minimum and maximum limit of loan amount to a client or a family or a group is Rs. 1 lac to Rs. 150 lacs. Certain other conditions would also apply in availing this facility. For further details/clarification about the product, please contact us.

Corporate Identity No : L67990GJ1995PLC025234 RBI Registration No : 01.00007 Company ISIN : INE902D01013
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Scrip Code - 535566 BSE Scrip ID - KIFS Abbreviated name on BOLT - KIFS FSL
KIFS Financial Services Limited
Company Secretary and Compliance & Nodal Officer: Mr. Durgesh Soni
Phone : 079-30000321 to 326 Fax : 079-26403717 E-mail : / (Grievance Redressal)